Please join us for a program series about finding family photos, how to restore and preserve them, and how to create photo books with your new-found photos! Our meetings are open to members and the public, are free admission and are held from 6:00pm-7:00pm. If you are on the CCGS website homepage, click on the “Read More” link to see more detailed information.

(Please be sure to RSVP for seating and handouts.)

Finding Family Photos Handout – April 2024

You are looking for photos of family who lived during the period of photography: 1839 until present.

Where to look / who to ask:

         Relatives (close and distant) – photo albums, scrapbooks, portraits on walls, loose photos, cards, etc.

         Neighbors of ancestors, Family friends, co-workers, siblings

         DNA matches (close)

         Visit homeplaces

         Locate church histories and directories

         Tombstones; obituaries – in newspaper and online, especially tribute videos

         Yearbooks (school and military)

         Career publications and photos

         Clubs, activities, sports, hobbies

         Veterans: Special publications; unit yearbooks; Navy cruise books; career publications; buddies

         Libraries: genealogy rooms; family histories; vertical files; local interest books, microfilm

         Historical and genealogical books: Heritage books; city and county histories; special publications

         Local, regional, state, and national archives; museums

         Newspapers: especially local and also online

        Websites: Ancestry, Family Search, My Heritage; online family trees

        Websites: Library of Congress, Digital Public Library of America, Digital Library of Georgia

        Orphan photo websites: Cyndi’s List – Lost and Found link (click on Photos); Ancient Faces; FB groups

        Genealogical societies; historical societies – in person and online websites

        Family and class reunions; eBay; family Bibles; inside books; Google Books; Google image searches

        Facebook, Instagram, blogs


Always keep copyright in mind and ask for permission.  Always give credit to the source. Cite your sources.

Never give up! New photos are discovered and posted every day, especially by ‘orphan angels.’